Agile Consulting

We call ourselves Agile Technica because this is exactly how our organisation is structured. Agile is something that we embrace as our lifeblood within the company. Our company works with scrum methodology. Naturally when working with us, you will always see progress much earlier than any organisation with traditional ways of working.

All of our customers are involved within the full journey of the project . Instead of seeing the end product at the end and being unable to assess any required changes earlier, we will conduct fortnightly sprint review with you when appropriate so that you can see where your project is at that point of time.


Agile is definitely a technique or methodology that can be used definitely within your organisation as well. There are many benefits of being agile that you will be able to see in our blog posts. Naturally it is something that a lot of businesses out there are trying.

Implementing Agile however, is not always easy. While the concept may be easy to understand, the challenges lie in changing the mind-set of your teams and adapting the framework for your business. Successful transformation is always assisted by a good coach, that is someone who is able to guide and help the employees of the company.

This is where we come in. We provide consultation on how you can revisit the structure of your organisation and adapt accordingly. If you are our existing customer your first three consultations will be free.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding agile, in particular scrum methodology.

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