Performance Hosting

The life and blood of your web application is the hosting infrastructure. The secret of being successful in providing services for your customers is having the most appropriate hosting infrastructure for your business.

It’s easy to choose the cheapest hosting or the most expensive hosting, however that is not the correct way of choosing. At Agile Technica we tailor the hosting solutions for your business so that you have the most cost effective solutions for you.

Scaling for Performance

As you hit more successes your business will grow as well. Agile Technica provides managed service for cloud infrastructures that are scalable. This means that you are able to have a “just in time” infrastructure setup.

As an example, when you are a start up you may start with one web servers however as the traffic to your website increases, we will assist in scaling your infrastructure to cater with the amount of traffic.

Zero Down Time Upgrades

With our ways of working with cloud infrastructure we always aim for zero down time when we do our software update. Traditionally, most companies will shut down their website during upgrades however that is not how we do things in Agile Technica.


Agile Technica always encourages our customers to utilise our backup service. Depending on your choice we can provide monthly, fortnightly or weekly backups.

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