Custom software

We understand that every business has different strategies, products and requirements. Therefore we provide the service to build entirely custom software and mobile apps from the ground up. 

Business Analysis

Everything starts with a detailed analysis of your business needs. Our team will go through your business processes before starting software development. This means developing the product vision that will guide the entire project.


If the project requires intricate user interface design, then we will start with a mock design first so that we can visualise the goal.

The mock up design is not only done at the beginning. As we embrace the agile methodology, each iterations of the product version may include an updated design as part of the development cycle.

Build and Iterate

With a custom product, it’s always important to be able to test the market, Therefore we embrace continuous release and deliver so that we can learn quickly from the market. Each build iterations might include further business analysis and refined designs. In general our iterations are done in 2 weeks period. At the end of the 2 weeks we regularly do live demo to show the project progress with you and to take feedback from you for the next iteration.


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