Agile Technica is a young and ambitious Software and Consulting company who aims to work with businesses and help them realising their optimal efficiencies with the help of cutting-edge technologies. In this era of digitalisation, it is crucial to have a system in place to automate some low-level tasks so that human resources can be channeled to a better use of handling much more complex tasks.

This will result in lower rate of error, higher quality of human resources, more optimal processes, and eventually higher profit margin. When we talk about digital transformation, it is of much bigger scope than a one-to-one replacement of one manual process to an automated counterpart.

The business process may need to be updated, the mindset of personnel may need to be adjusted, existing human resources may need to be upgraded or re-assigned. We are looking forward to being part of these activities in your company and we believe that this can be achieved by integrating Agile methodology into this process.

Technologically, we are specialized in application development with cloud technology exploitation. AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, React JS, PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, TypeScript are just some framework and tool names that we have worked with previously. In the ever-changing world of technology, we are also actively getting ourselves up to date with the latest trend with the sole aim of offering the best solution for our clients.

We are always excited to talk about technologies, so please reach to us to talk about your most ambitious project!

Agile Technica is a trading brand of PT. Sumber Inovasi Informatika.