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About Us

who are we ?

Agile Technica is a modern and ambitious IT Consulting company who aims to work with business and help them realize their optimal efficiencies with the help of cutting-edge technologies. With our Expertise in ERP, Software Engineering and Cloud Technologies we will bring success to our customers. Our experiences in implementing Agile Methodology will also guide you to a successful Digital Transformation.

how we work ?

Every Customers are Important

We treat every customers like our own team. At Agile Technica, we prefer collaborations over contract rigidity. This is why we use agile methodology to manage our projects. Every two weeks we schedule a regular live demo/showcase to you so that we can confirm that we are on the right track and you can give us live feedback on what we have done so far.

If there are things that are not up to your expectation, then the demo is the right place to discuss those changes. Most of the time, the changes (based on agreed features and budget) will be scheduled for the next iteration, which means in the next two weeks there is a good chance you’ll get those changes!

Agile Way of Working

We work in iterations to get the right solutions for your business. As mentioned above, there will be a lot of collaborations before, during and after the development phase. The idea is to do incremental development in an agile way to ensure that we deliver the right product. Unlike traditional software developers where they stay silent for 6 months and surprise you with a solution (can be correct, can be incorrect), we prefer to showcase our work incrementally and consistently to you. 

Understanding Your Business

Good business domain knowledge is one of the key success factors when implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. A good software cannot be created without a deep understanding of how the customer is running their business.

That is why we spend our time and effort to learn about the business from experts and you as the customer.  During normal times, we do site visits to learn physically what happens in real life in the field. These days during the COVID-19 pandemic we have to reduce travel, however, we replace those with frequent video conferences. When absolutely needed, however, we will travel to your location to ensure that the product we deliver is of the highest standard possible.

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