Your Total Solution for Layer Farms Management

Layer farm (Egg Producer) is a business that requires a customized solution to manage. While it’s possible to manage your farms traditionally, once you have a high population of birds (eg. 100000 or more) the management becomes complicated. Traditional methods such as excel spreadsheets won’t be fast and accurate enough to support high productivity.

This is why at Agile Technica we have developed a very specific solution for Layer Farms. With our expertise combined with collaborations with industry experts, the custom module called Bird Tec for Layer Farms is available for you. This specially developed module will cover all the required functionalities for Layer Farm management that others may not have. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help your farm, we also offer custom solutions to our customers.


ERP Features

Farm Management

A large layer farm operator may have more than one farms in multiple locations. Our Eggcellent ERP Module allows you to manage those multiple farms. This means all the data recordings such as growth, productions, vaccinations, and many more are all categorized by farm at the highest level. With this categorization, it’s possible to generate analysis reports for each of the farms individually, so that you can track the performance of a farm. 


Flock Management

Each farms have different flocks, therefore our system is designed to support multiple flocks per farms. There is no limit to how many flocks you can manage. To top that off, all data of your previous flocks will be retained, this means you can use the data to analyze, study and improve the productivity of the current or next flocks.

Important data such as the strain of the layer, chick-in date, age, houses where the flock is being grown and many more are all recorded in detail in the flock management ERPNext Add-on App.

During the growing period, our system also takes care of the financial adjustments of your flocks’ values. Everyday you invest a lot of money to the growers and that will be reflected automatically in your stock valuation in the system. Let’s discuss further about flock management.


House Management

The House in the system represents your physical Chicken Houses. Depending on the size of your flock and the capacity of your house, 1 flock can occupy many Houses. 

Using our system, we always think of expandability, therefore it’s possible to create more than one houses per flock, categorised by farm in the system.

Some of the important data points that we track using the House management module are:

– Chick in Date
– Maximum House Capacity
– Beginning Population
– Current Live Population
– Production costs
– And many more

As described our house management is very flexible. Feel free to discuss further if you have suggestions or custom changes in mind.

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Detailed Growing Recording

We take chicken growing period very seriously. Our system records a lot of data points so that you can analyse how efficient is your flocks’ growth.

The growing period is almost a different business dimension within your layer farm business. During this period, financially, our system increases the valuation of your birds based on costs such as feed consumptions, vaccines, medicines. Our Eggcellent system also supports calculation of standard costs such as electricity, water, maintenance and many more. These costs are all factored into your birds’ values. These values are then used as the value of your assets once these flocks go into production period.

The data points that we collect to ensure we have the right information are:

– Feed consumptions
– Depletion (Culling, Mortality)
– Body Weight
– Uniformity
– Age
– Vaccines usages
– Medications
– And more depending on what you need

Like we always said, our system is highly customizable, therefore you can always request more information to be recorded. Contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

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Growing Performance Analysis

One of the most important use of all the growth data that we gather in the system is analysis. Using our system, it’s possible to generate accurate performance reports such as actual % uniformity vs standard % uniformity, actual body weight vs standard and many more. 

By doing this, you will be able to analyse and visualise the current growth rate and allow you to quickly make necessary improvements to this flock before entering the production period.

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Detailed Production Recording

The core of a Layer Farms business is the production of eggs. Our system is capable of recording the detailed information required to track your daily production. This way you will always have high-quality data.

The standard production data items that we store are:

– Total number of eggs
– Total weight
– Number of broken shell
– Weight of broken shell
– Depletion (culling & mortality)
– Feed consumptions
– Medicines and vaccines consumptions
– And many more

All the data entered every day will automatically adjust both the financial accounting records and the inventory system (using perpetual records).
This means, all your production data is fully integrated with the accounting system.

These production data will be used for performance analysis so that you can get maximum profit every day.

Also, our system has an external adapter (API) that allows your connected equipment to insert data directly into the system automatically. Let’s discuss how we can implement this system for you or enhance your current system with ours.


Production Performance Analysis

Continuing from the production recording, the next step is to use the data collected for further analysis. In this module, our system enables you to do deep analysis of your production.

Using our advanced reporting tool you’ll be able to plot graphs to compare various things such as:

– Weekly HD (Hen Day) % vs Standard HD% 
– Weekly HH (Hen House) % vs Standard HH%
– Weekly Egg Mass vs Standard Egg Mass
– Weekly FCR vs Standard FCR
– Weekly Cumulative FCR vs Standard Cumulative FCR

Using the data and visualization, an experienced farm technician will be able to interpret the data and take appropriate action to gain maximum production value, effectivity and efficiencies. See the report in action, book a free demo with us today.

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Vaccination and medication Schedules

A successful farm must have a healthy flock. Our system has the capability to keep track of vaccination and medication schedule for your flock. This data is directly synchronised with the daily production recording and the growth recording. 

This also means that your vaccination and medication usages are directly recorded against our accounting system and the inventory system automatically. All your stock tracking will be real-time.


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