Fill Out Attendance Anywhere, track timesheet anytime

Attendance count is crucial to calculate the right amount of salary, especially for interns and trainees. Moreover, oftentimes it is difficult for Project Managers to calculate if a project is already the budget and there is no clear view on how much time has been spent on a project.

Based on the above problems, Agile Technica designed an easy-to-use application which will motivate the employees to fill out the attendance form by adding competitive gamification (such as Leaderboard and Achievement sections). All these features are available with the support of ERPNext under the hood to keep your data intact and secure.




It can be a challenge when employees do not accurately fill out attendance forms, especially for part-timers and interns who are remunerated hourly or daily. Our TAP Application enables you as a business owner or a manager to manage multiple types of employees in one application!

With TAP, you are able to track how many hours each employee has worked daily and monthly. On their personal TAP Application, employees can also see their own accumulated daily/monthly work hours.  

Check-in and Check-out can be done by simply pressing a button. To do so, employees are required to activate their device’s GPS. To ensure that each personnel’s location is captured upon checking in/out. To make it even more detailed, TAP is facilitated with Break and Back to Work buttons for the employees to use when they are taking breaks; for instance, during lunchtime. When the take-a-break mode is enabled, it shows that they are not available at that moment, and when they press the Back to Work button it will show they are back online. 



With TAP, it is easy to manage project timelines, budgets, deadlines, etc. To begin with, you can create unlimited numbers of projects and tasks that are currently ongoing in your company. For companies with a never-ending list of projects, this may be an interesting feature. 

TAP makes filling out a timesheet straightforward for the employees: simply pick the project name and activity type, and then determine the duration of the task, and boom! The data is recorded on the system and available for the manager or business owner to see.

Since the employees are required to fill out the duration of the tasks, you can compare the data with their attendance reports. You can export analytical reports which contain either attendance report, timesheet report, or both, so comparing those data is a breeze. 


Leave Application

TAP has a feature called Leave Application that allows employees to apply for a leave, be it sick leave or casual leave. The employees can choose the date and duration of the leave, and check the status whether it is approved or not.

Feel free to discuss further if you have suggestions or custom changes in mind.



Leaderboard encourages employees to compete against each other for daily attendance and timesheet rank, this is a positive competition to motivate them to update their attendance and timesheet form as accurately as possible.

On the Leaderboard page, everyone can see the rank of each employee based on the accumulated points–the top one being the one who gets the most points from filling out their data. The top three ranks will have unique badges beside their names. Using this list, evaluating your employees’ performance may be one of the most fun things you do every day. From this list, it is easy for you as a business owner or a manager to evaluate your employees’ performance. 

Feel free to discuss further if you have suggestions or custom changes in mind.


You can choose some or all of the unique achievements we have provided to be shown on your TAP according to your business needs as a reward for your employees after diligently filling up the information. On the Achievement page, your employees can track their achievements, and to make it more competitive, their progress can be seen by everyone in the company.

We purposefully use gamification to make data input more rewarding and fun for the employees. The achievements can be unlocked by fulfilling various criteria, with the aim of improving employees’ motivation to be even more engaged with the application.

Feel free to discuss further if you have suggestions or custom changes in mind.

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