Enterprise Resource Planning System

One stop shop for company ERP

Financial management

Stock & Warehouse management

Sales and Purchasing

Human Resource


Built on top of a solid framework

Agile Methodology Training

Coaching and training packages to transform your organisation into a modern Agile organization

Analysis of your current process

Measurement of your process

Build transformation strategy

Implementation of the strategy

Healthcare Electronic Medical Record

Patient records management

Medical analysis workflow

Custom automated algorithm

Tailored for each medical provider

Built for cloud infrastructure

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How to Work from Home (Remotely) Effectively


As we all know, the world is currently engulfed in the global COVID-19 / Coronavirus epidemic. In order to keep our team and their families safe, we decided to encourage working from home (remote working)...

Enterprise Resource Planning


Every modern company needs a modern system to help manage their business. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system covers all core business aspects such as sales, procurement, stock management, human resource, customer relationship management, accounting...

Agile Digital Transformation Coaching and Training


A company is only as efficient as its processes. There are many cases where companies and their leadership did not realise that their process is holding them back from success. This is where an Agile...

Electronic Medical Records


Electronic Medical Records is one of our specialist domain. Our EMR is custom-made to suit the customers needs on medical industry, ranging from hospital, dental clinics, to well-being clinics, with the main aim of lessening...

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