Giving Back to the Community via a Webinar: Understanding the intricacies of Career in the IT Industry

Understand The Intricacies of A Career in The IT Industry

On 12 December 2020, we conducted a webinar with Warga Upadaya FHP (Family Helping Project). Warga Upadaya has broad coverage both in Indonesia and International, through their collaboration with Christian Children Fund (CCF).

We are very happy to partner with them in this event as their mission is to carry out business and activities to help empowerment and family independence based on the principles of equality and togetherness. This is in line with one of our company core values which is a Sense of Family.

Topics of the webinar include:

  • Job prospect in the IT industry
  • The challenges of working in the IT industry
  • The advantages of working in the IT industry
  • What makes you want to stay in the IT industry?

Talkshow Collaboration

We started by discussing the future of the IT industry and what the IT industry will look like. This followed by sharing the experiences of the speakers while working in the IT industry. Included challenges while working in the IT industry,  the benefits of working in the IT industry, and what made our speakers choose to stay in the IT industry. Our speakers thought that working in the IT industry would be very profitable because the IT industry continues to grow. IT aims to make life easier, IT workers will always be needed wherever and whenever. Then at the end of the webinar, there is a QnA session. 

Outside of our topics, the speaker also discussed how to choose good co-workers. The speaker argued that by choosing smart colleagues, we will also be smart. This means, who we work with affects our growth and performance.

The   webinar   participants  were attended   by more   than   40   people provided by Warga Upadaya. We involve our partners in the planning of the webinar, from determining the series of events to the simulation of the event. 

Thanks to the great guest speakers Larry Pekar from SportsBet Australia and Agus Buntoro from Coway Indonesia, we were able to give a lot of information to the attendees. The two speakers came from slightly different IT backgrounds, Larry works in a technical position as a professional senior software engineer while Agus works in a leadership position as an IT Manager. Together, they were able to highlight and share their career journey for the next generations, giving them a complete picture of where they can take their careers.

Screen Capture with Warga Upadaya

This webinar is only the beginning of Agile Technica’s drive to give back to the community. While we are a commercial business, it is in our best interest to nurture the next generations of professionals. 

Our events will mostly be online for now and will mostly be free. Stay tuned to our Instagram page to join our next event.