Agile Technica X E2 Language: Agile Essential Training’s Testimony


On November 8th-12th, 2020, Agile Technica provided an Agile Methodology Training to one of their clients, E2 Language. E2 Language is an institution that helps ESL students with English language proficiency tests, such as PTE, OET, IELTS, or TOEFL.

Through this training, Agile Technica discussed everything related to The Agile Methods, such as:

  • What is Agile and Where it Comes From
  • Agile Implementation Flavours
  • Critical Questioning
  • Discovery and Inception
  • Story Mapping

This training was conducted online with the digital platform Discord and attended by about 20 participants, some of whom resided outside Jabodetabek and abroad. The materials provided during Agile Essential Training were not only discussed in a textual manner, but also with hands-on activities that are related to the real practice of Agile methods, such as Sprint Planning, Retro, and other exciting activities.

All the participants will be divided into several small groups that will be separated in the breakout room. There will be 2 facilitators for each group who are responsible for directing and explaining the purpose of the activity to the team.

We have received many positive responses from E2 Language’s participants through this training. Vivien Voon said, “The training sessions were very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you very much, RV (Group 1 facilitator) and The Agile Technica team.” Abhi Chandrasekar said, “Extremely brilliant and loved being a part of this training. Lots of learnings and takeaways.”, and many others. Gracel said, “Thank you a lot. This training is very helpful.” Dwianantaputra said, “Thank you for the good sharing. Let’s improve.” I Ketut said, “Thank you for the knowledge, you are awesome trainers.” and many more.

Those positive responses make us contented and excited, thus motivating us to improve our knowledge and capabilities to help companies that want to jumpstart their digital transformation. In conclusion, we hope to always establish a good relationship with E2 Language in the future, as well as have a positive impact on E2 Language team.

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