Agile Methodology Training: Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

Agile Training

 On Monday to Tuesday, February 3-4, 2020, Agile Methodology training was conducted by Agile Technica with participants from PT. Japfa Comfeed. Tbk Jakarta. There was also a group that came from Japfa Sidoarjo. Arvy Budiarto and Hans Permana as the founders of Agile Technica were the agile coaches for this session. This training was conducted at the Japfa Jakarta office, Wisma Millenia, South Jakarta.

The training began with Agile Methodology basic theory, continuing to the more advanced topics on the second day. To help the explanations, there were a few activities so that participants could become more proactive while knowing the meaning of the theory behind it. As expected, the response was good and the participants were very active in participating in the 2-day training. Many good questions were raised by the participants and there were also a lot of feedback from them so that the next training would be even better.

The agile transformation journey has just begun for Japfa Comfeed and we are proud to be a part of it.