An ERP Case Study: Toko Cat UTAMA

Toko Cat Utama in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia is a retail and distribution business for interior and exterior building paints as well as building materials. Their products ranges from off-the-shelf paints as well as custom paints shade mixed to customer specifications.

This new shop is a new branch of their existing business in Indonesia. What they needed was an integrated ERP system that is easy to use, fast and cloud based so that it can be accessed easily. We met with them and stayed on-site for  a while to understand their business flow and the domain specific knowledge. In order to fully understood what the salesperson has to go through day by day, we even sat as a trainee salesperson and did some transactions with them. Needless to say we ramp up our knowledge in paint and building material business real quick (we now understood things like tinting, types of paint base, etc).

Most importantly, after we got enough understanding of the system that they needed, we got to work straight away. The idea was to come up with a prototype as early as possible so that both the client and us can go through some early testing. We did quite a number of release cycles with incremental features. In the end, the system was up and running in time for their grand opening.


With our warranty period, we did a number of further adjustments to the system for free. We fully understand that as a business, there are always things that cannot be foreseen until experienced. Once the warranty period is up, we then continue on to the technical support mode where we provide help for the operators and make sure the system runs in a top condition.