Agile Technica Introduce Digital Transformation at ILDEX 2019

SERPONG, – ILDEX (International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing and Aquaculture Exposition) is an international livestock exhibition, whose 4th edition took place in 2019 in Indonesia, from September 18th until 20th  at ICE BSD, Tangerang, Banten. There were many large companies such as  PT. JAPFA Comfeed Indonesia Tbk, Charoen Pokphand Group, Jansen Poultry Equipment, and other large companies running in livestock industry.

Agile Technica, collaborating with PT. JAPFA Comfeed Indonesia Tbk, delivered a seminar on ILDEX 2019. The seminar was held on Wednesday, September 18th 2019. Agile Technica presented Digital Transformation material with the aim of offering farmers a mean to start switching from manual into digital management system. The seminar was attended by 80 business owner, mainly in poultry industry.

As an opening, Arvy Budiarto as one of the Co-Owner of Agile Technica explained that digital transformation is important for optimizing profit and maximizing data accuracy in a company.

Hans Permana, one of the Co-Owner of Agile Technica, continued by explaining a system called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

”As the business grows, it is impossible to do the business checking manually. The system that we made will be using cloud infrastructure, so you can check your company management condition anywhere and anytime” said Hans Permana.

There is another explanation about how cloud could reduce the risk of data corruption that is caused by various things such as natural disaster or global power outrage.

Arvy Budiarto continued by telling the audience that that digital transformation doesn’t mean that your employee will lose their job, but it is an opportunity to do something easier and more efficiently.

“We will also assist your company while doing digital transformation from technological aspects until human resources. This was done to minimize the failure possibility of digital transformation” explain Arvy Budiarto.

There were many from the audience who were intrigued by the system presented by Arvy Budiarto and Hans Permana as the Co-Founders of Agile Technica. There was a company owner who claimed to be interested with what ERP System could offer. When it was time for coffee break, several company owners discussed further with Arvy and Hans about ERP system in more detail.