An ERP and Project Partners Case Study: Maven + Coway


Project Partnership

The app and web development company Maven approached us about their project with Coway (South Korean company supplying awesome air & water purifier). At the time, the scope of the project was still at its infancy and they found that a good ERP system is needed.

The highest requirement for the ERP system is customisability and extensibility. This is because the way Coway runs their business is quite different from other retail and distribution businesses. Their unique processes involves elaborate accounting setup and practice, custom module for service business, unique billing method and many more.

This was where Agile Technica came in. We implemented ERPnext in cloud infrastructure and did heavy customisations for them. We collaborate closely with Maven and Coway to gather the right requirements and come to a unified solution. There is good synergy between the three companies, us working on the ERPNext and its APIs, Maven working on the mobile application and Coway doing what they do best in their business.

Our project is still ongoing along with their business development in Indonesia. Like we mentioned previously, a relationship with a customer never really ended completely since we provide technical support and help our clients as they growth.