An Online Store Story, Leading Edge

Leading Edge Australia was one of the more advanced online store that we created. At the time, Leading Edge did not have a platform to sell electronic products online. They decided to engage us to build one custom made for them since using a pre-existing online store platform (like eBay or Shopify) would have been too restrictive.

Notable custom features were:

  • Education portal, where education agencies can login and get special prices (including their school logo and descriptions).
  • Integration with blogger and podbeans, automatically update the site preview as well as sending push notifications to the subscribers.
  • Credit card gateway integration.
  • Logged-in / logged-out with different visible items.
  • Ability to generate quotes out of the cart for corporate customers, with the prices saved for next use before the quote expiry.

Leading Edge was a high performing online store, nowadays they no longer offer the online store as they have moved to a different business sector.