Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records is one of our specialist domain. Our EMR is custom-made to suit the customers needs on medical industry, ranging from hospital, dental clinics, to well-being clinics, with the main aim of lessening the burden of medical practitioners and staffs in fulfilling their already-complex everyday works so that a strong synergy and productivity can be achieved across the team.
Our EMR core features include:
  • Patient data management
  • Visit management
  • Easy patient and patient visit search
  • Patient data analysis
  • User role management
  • User authentication
While the implementations can be different from one clinic to the other, they are all built on top of our strong EMR framework, which is based on modern web technologies and deployed on cloud infrastructure. This makes the whole system less vulnerable to local disasters and outages, so that your patients’ data is intact in any conditions. Security and performance is also at the top of our priority list. You can rest assured that the patients’ data is safe within your system as we always adhere to the best practice in all technologies we are using.