Our Ways of Working

The way we work with our clients is the agile way. That means we value our relationship with our customers and work in an iterative way. When working with us, you will be taken through the journey of project discovery and consistent implementation, test and analysis. By working in this way, we’ll be able to get early feedback from the end users and be able to quickly refine our products towards the final version.

Project Work

We start with early initiations with the client. This is where our sales representative and the customer agrees to go into the project together. From there, our team will do a high level analysis to understand the high level business process. This can include a few discussions with the customer’s team and visits to the site to survey things like network coverage. Once there are sufficient understanding of the business, we will send the customer a proposal contract document which includes the quote to the cost of implementation. Once the contract is signed, then the project moves further.

As mentioned previously in another article, Agile Technica works in an agile way using Scrum methodology. This means our work is mostly done in iterative manner. Each sprint (2 weeks block), our team will do detail analysis of the current situation, implement the software and infrastructure as required and release a form of minimum viable product.

Minimum viable product in this context means a completed set of work that can be used by the customer, either for their internal use or for the end user. This means releasing something that can provide value as well as providing data and feedback of how the product performs. This takes us the next step (brown) where we evaluate the success of the product so far. Once we have the data from the success analysis, we can make a call whether to proceed further with more changes and improvements, or stop and finalize the product. Once all the products are completed then we will send a project closing document to our customer.


After the project is finished, we will not leave a customer hanging. We’ll be available throughout the warranty period. If you decided to get the support subscription, then we’ll be available for the duration of the subscription period. Another way to get support is through after sales request, which we will attend and charge where suitable. As part of the support contract, we will also detail and agree with our customers on response time, issue severity and what is considered a new feature and a bug.

Having said that, we really want our customers to succeed. Therefore when you as a customer think there are some issues, feel free to contact us straight away (with or without contract).